Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to our first Aliner blog! We bought a used 2005 Aliner Expedition in March of 2012 with the intention of many family vacations, trips around the Eastern U.S., and overall fun. Being our first RV/camper, we've been spending the week getting acquainted with the camper, cleaning her, and of course making her feel like she's our own. Challenges So no adventure is ever easy right? The Aliner weighs in at about 2100lbs empty, which was a little much for my wifes Honda CRV to pull. So off to Truck Stuff in Deland, FL I went to get my Mitsubishi Outlander V6 hitched. They did a nice job and I was in and out in less than an hour. Well when went to pick up the Aliner from her former owner, he presented me with this crazy looking round plug, which certainly did not match the flat 4 pin connector I had just had installed! Luckily I was only towing her 4 miles and it was mid day on a week day so traffic was light. After a few trips to the auto parts store and a few confused calls to various RV and trailer places, I learned I had a 7 tab connecter that was all wired up for electric brakes, so there was no adapter that would mate the two plugs. ugh. Electric brakes were going to run north of $500 installed, as I wasn't quite ready to take that task on myself. Rewiring the car was going to be over $150, so I was a bit worried our adventures were off to a slow start (that's a braking joke, sorry). Luckily my buddy Tyler called and I was explaining my dilemma ( he owns a boat, those boat owners know everything right?), and he suggested I check out a brake kit that they sell for boating trailers - about $30 and easy to wire up to a 4 pin connector. Bingo! Wal-Marx to the rescue, out the door for $38 (needed a new pair of wire strips). On the road again...err for the first time New brake lights wired up pretty quick with little hassle. Four holes to drill in the big metal rear bumper, and I managed to hide all the wires really well. One hang up on a bad ground (rusty bolts are poor conducters), and we were good to go. My wife cleaned the inside while the baby played with our new plastic cups, using them as teethers; I cleaned the underside and rid it of the seemingly 10,000 spiders that had made it home while it sat idle in the yard of her former owners. All set to head out, and we picked a spot close to home to try things out. Heading there tomorrow, so stay tuned for our report from our first ever overnight in the Aliner!

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